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Перчаточный бокс La Petite Glove Box 815-PGB
Экономичное решение!

Перчаточнй бокс La Petite Glove Box состоит только из двух частей. Верхняя и нижня часть боксов соедены между собой используя специальный гель, которые используется в "чистой" промышлености.
Размер бокса всего лишь 2/3 от стандартного бокса "Basic Glove Box", (818-GB). Бокс 815-PGB спроектирован так, чтобы эргономично подходил для большинства людей.

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815-PGB, La Petite
Внутренние размеры
80 x 65 x 55 см
Внешние размеры
124,5 x 74 x 56 см
269 литров
35 килограмм
* Включая шлюз

815-PGB, La Petite Glove Box

Особенности бокса
Lightweight, easy to move from lab to lab.
Optically clear, one piece formed top is unbreakable.
Bright white one piece bottom formed out of high temperature Noryl has "easy clean" corners.
Gel Sealant.
Stainless steel clamps have security locking features.
Large access door (12" opening)
Four ground key-cock valves for purging and gas entry.
Adjustable Rh gauge.
"Weathertite" duplex electrical outlet with safety covers.
Transparent vacuum capable transfer chamber 12" long x 9.75" ID.
White leveling plate for transferring liquids.
All stainless steel clamps are adjustable.
Vacuum gauge on transfer chambers.
7" Latex or neoprene gloves available.
Standard 12 month warranty.

Gel Sealant System
This new gel was developed specifically for the clean room industry. It was first used for secure sealing of the HEPA filter system.
The gel does not support biological growth.
It will not "outgas" and is non toxic.
It contains no silicone which might cause contamination.
It is an air tight, water tight barrier.
It is highly adhesive yet quick releasing and self healing.

To replace gel oder 800 blue.

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